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Nadiaa Nasty was one of the sassiest ghetto sluts that Duke Skywalker had ever met. She was going on and on, shaking her chicken-neck all over the place, and acting like she ran the show. She needed a serious talking too to get her out of that ghetto frame of mind.

The Ghetto Gaggers crew has no patience for the gum popping, head shaking, finger pointing and that stupid thing with the eyes ghetto chicks do. Just watch she goes from a ghetto diamond to a bag of skin who's pride ran away like a bunch of homies when the po po drove by.

Not long after the camera began rolling, she was on her knees servicing two angry white dicks. She got a rough face fucking before her pussy was slammed, and then she got four sticky loads of white cum on her face. She was upset that she subjected herself to such a degrading onslaught. Fortunately, nobody else gave a fuck!

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